Saturday, October 18, 2008

British consumers demand criminlization of data breaches

Nearly four out of five people in Britain don’t trust the organizations that hold their personal data to keep it safe. Of more than 1,600 individuals questioned, some 89 percent believed that reckless data security breaches should be a criminal offense. The majority of respondents felt that those guilty of avoidable data security breaches should be imprisoned.

93 percent of those surveyed said they would not be willing to give their personal data to an organization that had already reported a previous security breach.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Ease of Hacking into a Wireless Device

Cell phone protection from hackers is a subject that is commonly overlooked, but if people knew the truth and the ease hackers have in stealing your information, you would be quite interested in protecting your information.

Data theft is emerging as the number one crime in today’s society. Additionally, governments in efforts expose gambling rings, drug dealers, and other nefarious individuals are readily using this technology to hack mobile devices. Whatever the use of bluetooth and wireless technology information, privacy is no longer safe.

Prior to righting this article I did a google search on the term “how to hack into a mobile phone using bluetooth.” A very nice explanatory video appeared which readily instructed me on the process. In a manner of minutes, the reprehensible individual equipped with a mobile phone of his own can download free software that allows for this bluetooth hack. After downloading the necessary software the individual only need stand in a reasonably public location, search for other mobile devices, and begin reading message, stealing contacts, find bank numbers, passwords, ect.

Next time you find yourself in a reasonably crowded public area, do a bluetooth search on your phone. Multiple unprotected devices should appear.

In addition to bluetooth, hackers can easily tap into your wireless device using the data network, or the internet. Again, even to the uneducated hacker, videos and instruction are readily found on the internet. I highly discourage anyone from learning how to do this for illegal purposes, however, it is important to know this to avoid becoming a victim.

What are your options for avoiding this crime?

Easiest solution, do not convey confidential information over your phone or the internet. However, I realize in this day and age this is practically impossible.

Use an offshore data hosting solution. Jurisdiction under international policy allows for a much greater level of privacy.

Use some form of data encryption
Great illustration and photo by Ajda Gregorčič's

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Datalocking's Value Proposition

The core value proposition of every Datalocking Company user is that we offer 100% private and secure, offshore, encrypted email service; easy, low cost, integrated access for all members of a organization regardless of where the users are located; and complete user control of privacy of their communications.

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